We will reveal tips and tricks on how to use Contesaur and teach you how to better plan content marketing.

Workshop: Plan Your Content Marketing In 2024

Workshop: Plan Your Content Marketing In 2024

Wondering what content to prepare this year? What to write about, where to publish, and why? Come to our workshop! Expect no easy-peasy lecture, and be prepared to work hard. And bet your dino hat that you won’t leave empty-handed.

Marketing Talk #7: Tone of Voice

Marketing Talk #7: Tone of Voice

Sharing experiences and exchanging opinions works well for us in the team, so we decided to invite you too. The more the heads, the more we know. And the more we know… well, the more interesting it is. Are you a marketer, or maybe you’re on the client side? Whether you’re from a company, an agency, or a freelancer, come join us, and let’s discuss the things we’re passionate about.

This is not a webinar or a workshop but a moderated discussion. We’ll ask each other questions, share opinions and tips, and everyone gets to speak.

The topic for the December Marketing Talk is “Tone of Voice”. The main questions will be:

  • Who should decide how the company speaks?
  • What parameters do you think are most important to define in Tone of Voice?
  • How do you work with the difference between tone, voice and style in your writing?
  • Do you recommend any frameworks, methods, or resources?

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