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The entire content lifecycle in a single tool

The entire content lifecycle in a single tool

Store all your inspiration and suggestions for later use. Turn on the Ideas bar, and you’ll see content suggestions for international days and holidays right in your calendar. It’s then up to you whether you decide to elaborate on them.

Plan the content according to your goals, enter the specification and supporting materials. Assign tasks to individual team members.

Prepare the final content, whether it’s a social media post, blog article, newsletter, or mailbox flier. If you’re not in the mood to write, have your text generated by artificial intelligence!

Invite a supervisor or your client in the limited role of Approver to review the content and provide feedback.

Go back to the content and evaluate its performance. Make any notes and give a star rating.

Look at the activities completed in the last month, quarter, or year. Does it fit your strategy, or do you need to change anything?

Say goodbye to… 👋

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Who is behind Contesaur?

We are Pretty Much Nomads, a marketing agency that creates content for technology companies. We were fed up with planning in Excel spreadsheets or Trello and decided to make a tool that really helps us.

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