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Is the Muse taking a nap? Good thing you’ve got whole storage to draw from. No inspiration or ideas for new content go to waste.

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An endless well of inspiration

Sometimes your head is filled with ideas, and other times it’s a pain to come up with something. We know this well, so we’ve prepared the Ideas feature in Contesaur. Stash your ideas in the storage and reach for them when there’s nothing left to inspire you. Or any time you like.

Content Planning Assistant

Turn on the Ideas bar, and you’ll see content suggestions right in your calendar. It’s then up to you whether you decide to elaborate on them. We’re starting with the world holidays, but this is just the beginning!

The handy idea comes to rescue

Running dry on a wellspring of inspiration but still need to schedule next week’s posts? Open the Ideas bar above the calendar in the Month, Week, and Day view. Choose a suitable topic and drag and drop it straight into the calendar. You’ve been saving like a squirrel for winter; now collect the seeds of your work!

Searching for the right one

Need to come up with a blog post topic for a particular product? Why reinvent the wheel when you might already have an idea at hand? You’ll find a list of all the ideas on the Ideas page, where you can filter them based on what you need for your marketing mix right now.

From the ideas to the calendar and back

Don’t feel like using drag and drop from the Idea bar to the calendar and back? Instead, change the status directly on the content card. Switching status is also useful when you postpone the content for some later time – don’t delete it; store it for later. Then, park it in Idea state, and you may use it in the future.

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