The calendar made for planning

Discover a calendar that’s hatched for content marketing. Use the monthly, weekly, and daily view, or check your content in a list.

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4 views for all cases

4 views for all cases

Want to spread out your scheduled content to match your strategy? Two social media posts a week, a bi-weekly blog article, add a monthly newsletter, … Then you’ll work mainly in the Month view.

Need to check in on the work that’s waiting for you soon? Whether you’re a copywriter, graphic designer, proofreader, or making sure everything is done, you’ll love Week view. See at a glance what state any content is in and who’s responsible for it.

Are you producing a lot of content and losing track? The Day view divides content into columns according to its stage. At the same time, it shows details like the sales funnel stage, persona, product, tags, or number of tasks and their completion.

Do you monitor compliance with a set strategy or need to work with content in a specific period? Quickly select the most common periods in the List view, like This year or Last year, and Group content by what you’re most interested in.

Filters are strategy's best friend

Wondering how much content was in the See stage last month for the persona John and the product Pants? Contesaur’s filter handles even a complex query like this. You can find it above each calendar view. Our favorite use is to filter on the List view in This Year. We always find the answer to everything we are interested in.

Looking for a specific parameter? In the List view, you will find the Group by feature, where you can enter any view of the selected data. So, for example, if we’re interested in what’s not done yet this month, we can set Group by Status and immediately see specific numbers. One more tip: even in this view, you can drag and drop content from one group to another.

Want to see only the content on which you have some work assigned? No problem; you’ll find a toggle above each view for “Me” and “All“. If you turn on Me, you will only see the content you are responsible for or have a task on.

All filters can be combined, of course. That means you can view the exact content that you are very specifically interested in. So, for example, you can find out which blog article in the Care stage you had a hand in did best last year (i.e., had a 5-star rating).

Reschedule? No problemo!

Get rid of the tiresome re-writing of spreadsheets every time the content plan changes. Drag and drop the contents to another day or the Idea state in Contesaur instead. We’ve estimated that this alone saves each team member 1 hour per week. It pays off to give it a try!
💡 Our tip:
In the List view, you can drag and drop content between groups in Group by. This feature is super handy for making quick mass edits.

Your time is our command

Need to schedule content for a specific time, ideally one piece in the morning, another over lunch, and the last one in the evening? Easily select a publishing time on the content card, then the content will be ordered from earliest to latest on your calendar. If you don’t specify a time, we set the publication at the end of the day.
💡 Our tip:
For each Company, you set the time zone at the beginning so that you can work with colleagues from Bali or the USA without worry. As a result, you will all see the time valid for the project market.

Period at your service, Your Highness

You don’t want to see a week or a month, but rather go by quarters? Set any period you are interested in in the small calendar. Month, Week, and Day views will show you that time period, but you can go wild in the List view; select any period you want.

Ideas don't come when called upon

Stash your ideas and reach for them when inspiration runs dry. Or sooner. Turn on the Ideas bar above the calendar in the Month, Week, and Day view. Choose a suitable topic and drag and drop it straight into the calendar. 10 dinosaurs out of 10 love this feature!

💡 Our tip:
Turn on the Ideas bar, and you’ll see content suggestions right in your calendar. It’s then up to you whether you decide to elaborate on them. We’re starting with the world holidays, but this is just the beginning!

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