Experience the content evolution

Plan, assign, and evaluate your content – all in a single tool. Check out features that will improve any content marketing dino.

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Plan quickly and clearly

Use a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar to plan your marketing content. Contesaur even offers a list view for fancy experts.

Save ideas for later

No inspiration or ideas for new content go to waste with our list of Ideas. Those come in handy when the Muse is taking a nap.

Take control of collaboration

Contesaur offers a 5-step content creation process, including approval. Task team members and comment on ongoing results. No more excuses that someone didn’t notice something!

Create functional marketing mix

Plan your content consciously; across communication channels, personas, products, sales funnels, and labels. No more content smog; long live meaningful content!

Keep an eye on your strategy

It’s one thing to set goals, but another to stick to them. With advanced filters, you always keep an accurate overview of all your content. With dinos, you won’t go off track!

Track your activity and results

When in a meeting or during an unexpected visit by a superior, it is important to present the work done quickly. Statistics represent the very heart of Contesaur!

Perfect… for whom?

Contesaur was created by a marketing agency tired of planning content strategies in spreadsheets. The resulting tool suits marketing agencies, in-house teams, and freelancers. It’s even used by entrepreneurs who handle their own marketing. Moreover, the application is so intuitive that all dinos and their friends use it easily.


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