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Reporting of results and progress

Reporting of results and progress

Gain control over the past, future, and present of your content. In Statistics, you see not only the distribution of content across all parameters but also your team’s workload. Verify at a glance that you’re not losing any target audience and that your content is sticking to your set strategy.

What was done and how it went

In a management meeting or client presentation, you can open the Statistics at any time and show the numbers of content created over time, its distribution across channels, personas, products, and sales funnel stages. Stop fussing with spreadsheets when all it takes is one click.

Today or since the beginning of time

Interested in data for the last 14 days, quarter, or ever? Above the Statistics is a mini-calendar where you can set any period you want. It also offers the most common ones for quick and painless selection. Excel and searching across sheets cannot compete.

Dive into the details

Intrigued by the selected data and want to take a closer look? The Open in List View feature shows you all the content for the set period in a calendar List view. Here you can filter, click through, and find answers to specific questions.

Poměry i konkrétní čísla

Někdo radši procenta, jiný číselné hodnoty, proto Contesaur ukazuje data v obou formátech. Navíc kdo by nemiloval koláčové grafy?

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