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Efficient organization

Efficient organization

Looking for feedback, additional instructions, or questions via email and other communication channels? Comment on the content directly in Contesaur. And we’ll even nudge whoever you tag in your comment with a Reminder. The Approver role has a separate conversation where you can discuss feedback without the approver peeking under your fingers.

Handing all the information and documents for processing is critical to the final success, whether you’re working with an in-house team, an agency, or outsourcing. On the content card, add a Description and unlimited resources in the form of links. This way, the copywriter or graphic designer gets everything in one place and doesn’t have to track anything down or ask additional questions.

Writing a blog article? You must prepare and approve the concept, write the text, proofread it, design the graphics, and upload it to the web. The implementation of each content proceeds in several steps. That’s why you create tasks for each piece of content, assign them to a specific team member, and set a deadline. In addition, Contesaur will alert you if you schedule a task after the content publication date.

Need to give someone limited access? So they can see what’s being worked on but can’t make a mess of it? Or to approve finished content but not peak into your kitchen? That’s why there’s an Approver role, who can’t see your tasks, comments, or team members. He also can’t change or move content. He can, however, give you feedback and change the status of the content from In Review to Approved or return it to In Progress for editing.

Features for a smooth ride

What’s been assigned, what’s being worked on, what’s waiting for approval, and what’s stuck? Each piece of content is set to its current status so you can easily navigate. Check to see if everything is ready to publish tomorrow and make sure something didn’t get lost last week. A special status is an Idea that saves content for later use.

Want to see only the content on which you have some work assigned? No problem; you’ll find a toggle above each view for “Me” and “All“. If you turn on Me, you will only see the content you are responsible for or have a task on. You don’t have to go through everything scheduled as a graphic designer, copywriter, or proofreader.

What time frames do you work better in? In the Month view, you see strategically planned content. In the Week view, you can check on your work in the upcoming days. The Daily view includes a kanban where you can see what stage any content is in. Finally, the List view is the most flexible, where you set any period you like.

No more confusion about forgetting or failing to notice something. As soon as you assign someone a task, designate them as responsible for the content, or tag them in a comment, Contesaur will send them a reminder immediately. And it’s gonna keep the red sign on them until they do something about it. You can also filter read and unread reminders.

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