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Getting all the information and documents for processing is always a matter of life and death, whether working with an in-house team, an agency, or outsourcing. In Contesaur, you put anything your team needs to know in the Description and add unlimited resources in the form of links. So whether you’re using SharePoint, Google Drive, or working across repositories, add a link, and you’ll always find it by the relevant content.

The work on content doesn’t end with the drafting and submission. It starts with a round of feedback, questions, and additional instructions. And tracking it down via email or other apps is hell. In Contesaur, you can comment on that content as much as you like – and whoever you tag in a comment gets a nudge with a reminder. We have a separate conversation within Feedback for the Approver role to keep them out of your kitchen.

It’s not easy to make content. You need to prepare and approve the concept, write the text, proofread it, and design the graphics, … and each content type has different steps. That’s exactly why we have prepared the Checklist. Create the Task, assign it to a team member, and set a deadline. As the team checks tasks done, your completion percentage will gradually increase. Contesaur will alert you if you schedule a task after the content publication date.

Need to quickly see what’s been assigned, what’s being worked on, what’s waiting for approval, and what’s stuck? On each piece of content, you set the status it’s currently in. Statutes make it easy to see if everything is ready for publication tomorrow or to check that you haven’t missed something unfinished from last week. The Idea is a special status that saves content for later.

All for the best content ever

Every content is created for a certain purpose and represents just one piece of the puzzle in the entire marketing mix. That’s how it should be, at least. And that is why you’ll find the Details on the content card – fill in which channel, which sales funnel stage, for which persona, and for which product or service the content is being created. As a bonus, you can add custom labels or keywords.

Write the Final text directly into Contesaur! We can do basic formatting as well as emojis. Plus, you can expand the text box across your screen, so you don’t get distracted when concentrating. The Final text bar counts words and characters for you; click to switch to what you’re more interested in. Then copy the text with a single click and paste it into the publishing tool. Not writing text, but designing a flier or shooting a video? Just paste the link and name it correctly.

Looking at a blank page and need a little nudge? Or are you in a hurry and want to make your work easier? Let AI generate your text! Type in a specific content title and use the Generate text with AI button instead of typing in the Final Text. The AI will prepare a draft for you in a moment and you can work with it as you see fit.

What if you could look back at all your content activities and evaluate whether your fliers, newsletter, blog, or social media posts paid off? What about that e-book that cost a ton of money? Once the content is in the Published status, it opens up the opportunity to rate it. Just add quick stars like in a review, or add any details that are important to you. You can then filter the content back by the stars to determine what to do again and what to avoid.

Want to repurpose some successful content? Great, that’s how you save money. Easily copy any content with the Duplicate button, make any necessary edits, and happily schedule it for the future. You can also duplicate the same content on another channel. Need to share the content with someone? Send them a link with one click.

Need to schedule content for a specific time, ideally one in the morning, another over lunch, and the last one in the evening? Select a publishing time in the content card, and the content will sort from earliest to latest. If you don’t select a time, it will be set for the end of the day. You are always working in the time zone you set for your Company.

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