Workshop: Plan Your Content Marketing In 2024

Wondering what content to prepare this year? What to write about, where to publish, and why? Come to our workshop! Expect no easy-peasy lecture, and be prepared to work hard. And bet your dino hat that you won’t leave empty-handed.

What to expect?

How does it work?

We have divided the workshop into two parts: preparation and planning. There will be a short break in between to keep you focused throughout; even the Contentraptor needs to take a breather now and then.
Preparation (1 hour)
First, we will identify the basics on which you will build your publishing plan. You will write down what services or products you offer and to whom. Then you define your communication goals and prepare the outlines of tactics to get there.
Break (~30 minutes)
Get some tea, stretch, or grab a snack.
Planning (1 hour)
You’ll identify the topics you want to communicate and gradually add them to your content plan template. This way, you’ll put the pieces of content together into a coherent and, most importantly, functional puzzle. You’ll plan some of the content directly at the workshop, and the rest you’ll manage on your own based on the set system.
Discussion (~30 minutes)
Time and space for your questions about the content plan, marketing strategy, and dinosaurs.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

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